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        1. HONOR

           Pneumatic conveying is a kind of material and pressure with the delivery method, the impact of the formation of the valve and bring great wear and tear. Pneumatic conveying system is a very critical part of the valve, the ideal of the valve should have a strong wear resistance, long life and other characteristics. The current pneumatic conveying industry used by the general valve wear resistance is poor, stability is not good. Domestic valve life on average about three months. Imported valve life is only half a year to a year or so, so you need to regularly update the valve in the production process, not only affects the efficiency and increased operating costs.
          In response to this situation, I plant all the technical staff repeated research, testing and all employees of the arduous efforts of the successful development of the "LJ double gas lock wear-resistant tungsten steel valve." The valve to improve the valve plug and seat sealing performance, reducing wear and prolong the service life of the valve (usually 1-3 years), can replace the imported valve, and the price appropriate, wide temperature range. The advent of the valve to reduce maintenance work while reducing operating costs, the entire pneumatic conveying industry will bring vitality. "LJ double-lock air-lock tungsten steel valve" by a number of thermal power plant use, has been widely praised.
          On this basis, the Long Jin companies on new technology research and try the footsteps has not stopped. In recent years, listening carefully to customer needs, based on the technical staff through the attempt and innovation, Long Jin constantly improve the valve product family. LJ-type rotating wear-resistant tungsten steel, ceramic out of the valve, LJ inflatable dome valve, LJ-flap valve, the top of the library switch valve and a number of new valves have been recognized in domestic and foreign markets.
          To the valve as the starting point, Long gold business has now expanded to the entire ash delivery system, from the transmission valve, to the transmission equipment, to the ash library equipment, to the PLC control system, Long Jin already has a completely independent mature solution.
          Long jin always firmly believe that "the achievements of customers, innovation to, is the foothold of the enterprise."
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